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Dog Grooming Tips a Pet Owner Should Know

Dog grooming is essential if you want to keep your pet’s peak health condition. Aside from keeping him healthy, he could have a happier and more rewarding life if he’s always clean and well groomed. If you want only the best care for him, it may help if you learn some tips when grooming a pet. Keep your dog happy, healthy and well behaved, and lessen his risks of acquiring any yeast infections due to poor oral hygiene, excessive earwax buildup and matted hair, among others.

Tips in Dog grooming

  1. Prepare all the tools and materials you need before starting the session. Gather the things you need for his nails, eyes, ears and teeth, to name some.
  2. Brush your dog thoroughly for proper coat care. You may have to cut out his mat when needed, so you can avoid bacteria’s growth in between his skin and cause infection. If your dog is shorthaired, then you may only need to brush him over using a glove or curry brush. In any case, you should also remove any loose hair from your pet.
  3. Do the entire needed nail clipping and other grooming before bathing him.
  4. It’s time for bath! Wet down your pet thoroughly by using a water pressurizer attached to your hose. Alternatively, you can use a hose attachment for your bath spout or sink. This way you can clean your dog with ease, but don’t ever force your dog if you feel that the noise coming from the running water is hurting his ears.
  5. Shampoo him from the neck, and then downwards. Tip: Don’t forget to dilute his shampoo for better results. While shampooing, take note to be extra careful around his mouth, nose and ears.
  6. Rinse him thoroughly, and be sure that no shampoo residue is left. Shampoo residue can cause him skin irritations, red spots and itchy sensations.
  7. Towel him. If he’s shorthaired, just allow him to dry naturally but not if he’s double-coated.  You should blow-dry him but not totally. Dry his coat while you are brushing him.

Grooming Is Health

Your dog’s coat and skin are signs of health, so you should also take care of them. You should know that it’s not only proper diet and nutrition for his longer life but also a well-cleaned and groomed body as well.

You may want to consider getting the services of dog groomer to ensure that you can achieve the best grooming session for your pet. They are well equipped with the training and skills that you can depend on. Go ahead and look for some professional pet groomers to help you with the task. Visit their shop today or have your dog picked up from home.