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Dog Grooming FAQs You Should Know

Pet owners want to know the best ways on how to perform grooming for their beloved companion, so if you are one of them, stay tuned in today’s post and learn the proper ways of doing it. Below are some questions you may be having about the grooming of your pet. Check them out now.

How Often Should You Groom Him?

Depending on how often he gets stinky, greasy and dirty, you may need to groom him often, too. However, most dogs can take advantage of everyday brushing that allows the removal of their loose hair and dead skin cells. Brushing can help them keep their coat free from any external parasites, debris and dirt. You will also allow him to have his natural body oils distributed properly if you would always brush his hair. Especially dogs with long hair, you can do daily brushing to keep his hair from tangling and matting in particular to his armpits, around the ears and back of his legs.

Whatever the type of coat your pet has, you should carefully inspect it daily to ensure that there are no clumps and tangles, which may be developing under his armpits, behind his ears and under his armpits. Daily inspection can help you detect any unusual bumps and lumps that may cause irritation.

What Dog Brush or Comb Should You Use?

There are types of hair coats you may consider. You can use slicker brushes for poodles and other dogs with curly coats while a brush with short bristles can work well for dogs with smooth coat. On the other hand, you may ask for additional recommendations from your groomer for any grooming tool or brush that your dog may need.

How Should You Take Out Any Burrs or Tangles?

You may be able to take them out using a brush or comb; for extensive tangles, you may want to cut out his hair clump; however, be sure not to cut your dog’s skin accidentally. On the other hand, you should use expert service if you find severe tangles. It may be the better move to avoid any accidents or injuries you may cause your dog.

How Often Should You Give Him a Bath?

You should know that many dog types need an occasional bath but it may also depend on how often he gets dirty or stinky. Especially when your dog develops a stinky, foul odor, you should give him a frequent bath. If your pet has a heavy, thick coat, you may give him a bath more often if he sheds frequently especially in the fall or spring.

Learning of these things in grooming a dog will help you to give him a healthy, rewarding life. As the pet owner, you will also have a wonderful time in the entire pet ownership if you can see your dog happy and healthy all the time with proper grooming.